The Butters: Body Scrubs!

I loved the lube that I got from The Butters so much that I really wanted to try more of their stuff and I love a good body scrub to keep me feeling smooth and sexy, so here’s a review of not one but TWO body scrubs from The Butters to keep you feeling soft – namely, the Caramel Macchiato scrub, and the Calendula x Chamomile scrub. I’m personally a fan of coarser scrubs that feel like they’re giving me a deep clean over finer scrubs, so the Caramel Macchiato is a personal favourite that I’m fairly certain I will no longer be able to live without, but there are some things that make the Calendula x Chamomile scrub just as great too! Both jars came packed with product – these are slightly dryer, looser scrubs, for lack of a better descriptor, and so you might find it easier to keep a spoon or something nearby to assist in scooping the product out as it doesn’t really “clump” together.


First up, the Calendula x Chamomile scrub is described as a medium scrub (I’d say it’s leaning towards medium-fine as the primary scrubbing agent is white sugar) and is best for the face, lips, feet, and hands – basically, spots where a coarser scrub probably isn’t a good idea, though you can use the scrub anywhere on the body. The scrub also features aromatherapy effects when you’re in the shower thanks to the essential oils that are in the jar. It wasn’t personally my cup of tea, as the smell reminded me quite a bit of an herbal-but-somehow-minty-like-camphor type smell, but I can see how it would be very soothing for someone who likes this sort of smell. Chamomile is known for its soothing properties but calendula, I learned, is also an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory herb. Overall, this is a scrub that’s great for your mind and body, and I found that it lasted fairly well in the shower. Unlike what the instructions say about getting the scrub wet, I just scooped some out and applied it directly to wet skin. It felt like the sugar dissolved after a little while of scrubbing, but that’s not a bad thing! So, while this scrub wasn’t entirely my jam, I definitely still find myself reaching for it when I want a slightly finer scrub than the Caramel Macchiato.


Speaking of the Caramel Macchiato, this thing is my new favourite. I don’t quite smell the caramel, but I do smell the macchiato part of its name! It’s a coarser, grittier scrub than the Calendula x Chamomile one, thanks to the brown sugar, sea salt, and coffee grounds inside and I absolutely love that. I found myself feeling super silky and sexy after my shower. I was fascinated on the website to see that this scrub was described as being good for cleansing and moisturising the vulva, as well as the booty, lips, and legs, so I absolutely tried it on my booty and it felt great! I also plan on testing out, CAREFULLY, if this is good for the outermost part of vulvas too. I definitely used more than the recommended amount, because I just couldn’t get enough of the scrub! This scrub also features agave, which is very hydrating for the skin. I really loved the coffee smell, and I think it really brightened up my shower experience overall. I also felt that because of the ground coffee, I could scrub for a lot longer, as the scrub didn’t dissolve entirely when applied to wet skin. I’ve tried numerous scrubs in the past, from sea salt and oil mixes to coarse sugar scrubs, other coffee-based scrubs and everything in between, but I really do think this is going to be my scrub of choice for a looooong time now. It’s just the right mix of exfoliating and softening for me.


These scrubs are very different from one another, but I recommend trying them both out to see which one you like best – The Butters is incredible value, with their little jars priced at $8. Plus, you’re supporting a Black, queer-owned business producing some really incredible products that are honestly probably replacing some previous favourites of mine from another cosmetics chain.  There are also a number of other scrubs on their website if neither of these feels like quite your jam, such as a honey and grits scrub, a mojito themed sugar and lime scrub, and a few more! There’s even a scrub lovers gift pack, perfect for people like me who want a little bit of everything – and it’s even better bang for your buck, so you have no excuse to get your scrub on. The Butters, take all of my money and send me to scrub heaven, please! I can’t wait to order more from them!