The Butters Cocoa Butter Lube Review

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I want to thank The Butters for approaching me and generously sending me their cocoa butter lube for review. I’m a huge fan of my Sliquid lube, but I think this one might just be my new favourite. I admit that I was highly skeptical at first, but I am pleased to report that I’m thoroughly impressed with this product, and I have no idea how The Butters came up with this stroke of genius.


Let’s start with what’s written on the jar: The cocoa butter lube is a blend of organic cocoa, shea, and coconut butters, aloe, grapeseed, olive oil, a little apple cider vinegar, and vitamin c and e, as well as guar bean and potassium sorbate. Not sure why my orifices (as they put it) need vitamins, but I appreciate it. The jar states that this product is 100% vegan, and never tested on animals. It also has a pH of 4, which is important to know for vagina-havers in particular – the pH of the vagina can range from 3.5 – 7. There’s an expiry date right on the jar, which I appreciate, and it also notes that it’s good til the oil turns brown or smells stale – remember if anything you’re using on your bits looks or smells different than it used to, THROW IT AWAY. 


What really fascinates me is claims such as “less irritation, UTIs, and yeast infections vs no lube, water based, silicone and oil based lubes (somehow, this lube is a butter but not an oil based lube?), and that this was user reported. I’ll let you be the judge of how much of that you want to believe.


I do love that it is long lasting, like the jar claims, and that it is “good for all orifices and love styles, including solo play” (which was how I tested it). I can definitely see how this lube would be great for anal play in particular, and I’m glad it’s also safe for oral play as well as vaginal. 

It also claims to be compatible with silicone, metal, glass, PVC, sil a gel, lambskin, polyurethane and nitrile (useful to know for toy material and condom use). This lube is NOT compatible with latex, which isn’t a problem for me at all. I was skeptical at first, but not a single one of my toys (all body safe, mind you) was damaged in use with this lube, so it is what it says it is.


I discovered upon investigating on their website that The Butters is also a 100% a black queer owned business – and that’s definitely a plus in my book! They describe the cocoa butter lube as “slick, luxe, soy & palm free”. They also offer a lot of other cosmetic, bath, and body products, so there’s a huge variety of things to check out including two other lubes, a high viscosity lube called Palm Grease, and an aloe and shea butter lube (it’s their #1 all time product and it’s all purpose? For $8? I’m really curious about this.).


In use I found that this lube didn’t feel like it dried up or dispersed as quickly as something like my Sliquid lube, which I still adore, but this just seems to stay put and last a little longer and remained a little slicker for me, which I love. Because this is a butter, it can be applied onto your favourite toy or, wherever really, as a solid product and warmed up with body heat. I much prefer that over lubes that tend to drip all over the place – this lube stays put. This lube is also really great for anal play in particular for all of these reasons. I was not able to test this in partnered play, and I am incredibly curious to see how it works for my partner and me in the future. A little goes a long way with this lube – and this 4oz jar is packed with product, so it’ll last you a very long time. It has a very slight nutty smell that I don’t notice in use (only in the jar, unlike coconut oil, which I can definitely smell in use), and a minimal salty kind of taste that shouldn’t be too noticeable either (yes, I tasted it for science). 


In terms of price point, this lube is listed on their menu as being $10. I think, for the amount of product you’re getting and how little you need, this is an absolutely phenomenal price and great value for money. I’ve barely dented the surface of this jar of lube in the month I’ve had to play with it. Overall, I’m a huge fan of this lube and I will absolutely continue to reach for it, especially for longer play sessions. It’s now a fixture of my nightstand. I highly recommend that you check it out too!


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Thank you once again to The Butters for sending me this lube for free, and for giving me the opportunity to review this badass lube with full honesty.

Funkit Toys Mega Review!

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I want to feature Funkit Toys today – Kenton is an incredible human being and one who invested in me when I decided to first start The Desi Vibes. I’ve been lucky to be a patron of a few of his products, so here’s a list of just a few that I’ve tried!

Rainbow Swing

The Swing is an amazing handle – Funkit Toys (with the exception of the NoFrillDo line) are all modular – you can stick two together via the very clever suction cups, and they won’t budge. I’ve even been able to get my Swing to connect to one of my NoFrillDo’s flat bases, though that definitely likely isn’t the most sturdy connection. The sides of the round suction cup also fold down to create more of a handle at the base of the toy for insertion. For me, personally, this toy is one that I prefer to use as a handle, but also definitely might be a great fit for someone that wants a toy that is thicker at the top.

Funkit Beat Cleaver

Oh my God, I have never loved an impact toy more. I want two of them so that I can have one wherever I go. The brilliance of this design is that it is waste-minimal when it comes to materials, which is a bonus that I adore. There’s a sharper point on the handle near where the thumb sits that can also be used to poke or scratch at your willing impact play bottom. The cleaver is very much a thuddy impact paddle – and it’s entirely my jam.

No Frill Do Series 1

Kenton was kind enough to send me all three NoFrillDos, and I love them! What is an NFD, you ask? Well, according to Funkit’s website, “NoFrillDo is the ‘Cup Ramen with Veggies and an Egg’ of dildos. If you can afford a fancier dildo, support the creation of fancier dildos. It’s worth it. If not, though? I think you should be able to buy a safe, non-toxic sex toy without worrying about rent.” This is hugely important because there’s a distinct lack of (although this is slowly improving) affordable silicone sex toys. We deserve toys that are non toxic (and you can click here to read more about toxic toys and why you should switch to silicone).

I love that Kenton specifically also states that NFDs just need soap. Nothing fancy. It’s true, all of my silicone comes clean with just soap.

Now, onwards to the designs. R is described as “[a] Helical design, fun texture for rotation and penetration”. Now, I didn’t find the rotation terribly exciting, but the helical nature of this toy does give it quite a bit of flex. It also just feels very lovely, and can kinda almost slide up into the A-spot zone for my body.

The G is a straight dildo with a slight curve for g-spot or prostate stimulation, and while it’s a simple toy, it is effective. For folx looking for an affordable option, this is a good one.

The B is the thickest one of the three, with two bumps on the side. This one feels really good to me for g-spot stimulation, as well as just a really great sensation when thrusting, and is probably the one I reach for the most of the three.

No Frill Do Series 2 in X

The X is a thicker, ribbed dildo, and it is really lovely for a fuller feeling and a lot of lovely sensation when thrusting. My one critique of these is the angle at the base – yes, this is a no-frills dildo and therefore not anal safe or proven harness compatibility or anything of the sort. It’s a what you see is what you get sort of deal. But the angled nature of the base frustrates me because it is not only unnecessary (Series 1 had straight, flat bottoms), I feel like it makes the S2 a little more harness unfriendly than need be. Yes, these are not harness tested, or made for harnesses – but people are gonna try and use these in a harness, and I worry that the angle will hinder that. I have tried this on in my harness, but I have yet to try it in play with someone. The website also notes that these NFDs are indeed not anal compatible.

So there you have it!! Go give Funkit Toys some major love – they deserve it.


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